R45.16 0.11%


    US$10.84 +7.65%

  • GOLD:US$/oz

    US$1,749 0.49%

  • GOLD:ZAR/kg

    R955,938 +0.02%


    US$1,012 +3.36%



  • RHODIUM:US$/oz


  • ZAR:US$

    R17.00 -0.47%

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    7:14pm on Nov 29, 2022

In the Americas, our two PGM operations, Stillwater and East Boulder, are located in Montana, in the United States (US) and mine the J-M Reef, the only known significant source of PGMs in the US and the highest grade PGM deposit in the world. We also own and operate smelting and refining facilities in Columbus, Montana.

The US operations are supported by a pipeline of exploration stage projects, distributed throughout the Americas, including the Altar and Rio Grande copper-gold projects in San Juan Province in northwest Argentina, and the Marathon and Denison projects in Ontario province, Canada.

Our US PGM operations primarily produce palladium and platinum (78% Pd and 22% Pt), which are referred to as 2E PGMs. The mined PGM-bearing ore is processed, smelted and refined to produce a PGM-rich filter cake; a third party further refines the filter cake to produce refined PGM metals.

Location of US operations and projects

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US PGM operations

East Boulder Mine

At Stillwater and East Boulder in Montana, we mine the J-M Reef, the highest grade PGM deposit known in the world.

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PGM recycling

Recycling PGMs from catalytic converters

Our Columbus Metallurgical Complex is one of the world’s largest recyclers of PGMs derived from spent catalytic converters.

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US projects

Altar project, Argentina

We currently have three exploration projects in the Americas, two located in Argentina and one in Ontario, Canada.

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