R44.89 -5.03%


    US$11.67 0.00%

  • GOLD:US$/oz

    US$1,862 -2.33%

  • GOLD:ZAR/kg

    R1,023,686 -1.33%


    US$842 -4.05%



  • RHODIUM:US$/oz


  • ZAR:US$

    R17.10 +0.96%

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    6:59pm on Sep 25, 2020

In the Americas, our operations consist of Stillwater and East Boulder in Montana, where we extract and process PGM ore from the J-M Reef, the only known significant source of PGMs in the US and the highest grade PGM deposit known in the world. These operations primarily produce palladium and platinum (78% Pd and 22% Pt), which are referred to as 2E PGMs.

Our projects comprise the Marathon PGM-copper project in Ontario, Canada (55.58%, non-managed), the Altar and Rio Grande copper-gold projects in north-west Argentina (100%, non-managed) and the Denison PGM project in Ontario, Canada (80%, non-managed).

593,974 oz

2019 2E PGM primary production

853,130 oz

2019 3E PGM production from recycling

26.9 million oz

2E PGM mineral reserves

81.1 million oz

2E PGM mineral resources

Stillwater Mine


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The Stillwater River, Montana

We work to avoid, minimise and mitigate any negative environmental impacts where we operate.

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SA PGM operations

PGM operations, South Africa

Our South African operations mine from both the UG2 and the Merensky reefs of the Bushveld complex.

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Innovation and technology

We invest in digitisation and innovative technologies to make the future of mining safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

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