R71.59 0.00%


    US$20.26 +0.03%

  • GOLD:US$/oz

    US$1,766 +1.01%

  • GOLD:ZAR/kg

    R803,980 -1.24%


    US$1,205 +3.23%



  • RHODIUM:US$/oz


  • ZAR:US$

    R14.16 -2.29%

  • Last updated

    1:34am on Apr 16, 2021

Sibanye-Stillwater strives to be at the forefront of digitisation and innovation in the mining industry to make the future of mining safer, more efficient and more sustainable. We are focused on building an innovation culture framework, with established mechanisms for people’s ideas to be heard and enhanced through collaboration with the broader organisation.

We have identified a number of projects to advance the mine of the future including applying newly developed battery technology in mobile assets like locomotives and trackless mobile machinery and applying analytics and deep learning algorithms to improve overall equipment and processing effectiveness.

We recognise that there is significant value in leveraging external expertise to advance innovation and therefore recently established an advisory panel of globally renowned experts from various industries and institutions that is helping us fast track ideation and prioritise key strategic aspects of our digital transformation.



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