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Cooke is a large, established, shallow to intermediate-level gold mine which has been producing gold and uranium since 1961. Cooke underground operations are on care and maintenance.

The surface mining is located in the West Rand District Municipality of the Gauteng province, South Africa. Cooke shafts are located approximately 30km to 40km south-west of Johannesburg. The sites are accessed via the R28 highway between Randfontein and Westonaria or via the N12 national road between Johannesburg and Potchefstroom. The Randfontein Surface Operations (RSO) assets include several TSFs on the West Rand near Randfontein. The topography of the area is relatively flat and the vegetation is classified as Bankenveld consisting of grassland. Livestock farming is widespread in the surrounding area.

The underground mine infrastructure, which is on care and maintenance, consists of four shaft complexes that previously mined open ground and pillars (white areas). Cooke 4, previously operated at 1,634m below surface (58 Level at Cooke 4 SV Shaft) and was declared uneconomical for exploitation from August 2016. Cooke 1, 2 and 3 Shafts have also since been declared non-economical for exploitation. The decision was made to close the underground workings. The principal mining took place on the Middle and Upper Elsburg Reefs. The remainder of the mining took place on the secondary reefs, namely the Kimberly Formations and the VCR. The only production currently is from surface TSF. The production from the four Cooke shafts could be hoisted to surface separately. Underground material from Cooke 1,2 and 3 was previously processed at the Doornkop plant, operated by Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd (Harmony), on a toll treatment basis. Cooke 4 production and overflow from the Cooke 3 Shaft was treated at Ezulwini along with ore from SRDs on a toll treatment basis.

In 2017, underground production from the Cooke operations decreased by 52% to 2,338kg, 75,200oz (2016: 4,853kg, 156,000oz) as a result of Cooke 4 shaft being placed on care and maintenance towards the end of September 2016, and at the Cooke 1, 2 and 3 shafts being placed on care and maintenance at the end of October 2017. This will negatively impact the gold production in 2018, but is expected to favourably affect AISC for the gold operations in 2018.

Locality plan

Mine location

Key statistics

   2017 2016 20152014
Main developmentm1,9087,11512,9239,508
Area mined000m²82175205176
Tonnes milledMt3.
Gold produced/soldkg3,1075,6536,2524,305
Operating costsR/t525575514461
– undergroundR/t3,0192,2681,7821,641
– surfaceR/t117908382
Operating profitRm(284)377(4)189
Operating margin%(17)11010
Capital expenditureRm75250337230
– sustainingRm9499352
– ore reserve developmentRm54160227117
– projectsRm12411861
Total cash costR/kg629,827527,916474,584395,168
All-in costR/kg677,197595,959541,843445,645
All-in cost margin%(26)(1)(14)(6)

Hoisting and production capacities

Operating unitOperational hoisting capacity (ktpm)Planned production (ktpm)*

*Reclamation capacity

Plant capacities

PlantDesign capacity
capacity (ktpm)
factor (%)

* Used for toll treatment of SRD material