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This page is under review. For the latest information, please refer to our Integrated Annual Report 2018, released on 29 March 2019.


  • Mining operations in the Mimosa area first took place in 1926 when minerals were extracted from oxide ores. Operations lasted around two years with approximately 60oz of platinum being recovered

  • Union Carbide secured authorisation as an exclusive platinum miner in the Wedza area over the Mimosa deposit

  • Union Carbide Zimbabwe (UCZ) pegged claims and drilled seven boreholes. In the same year two vertical shafts were sunk and trial mining began. Approximately 40 000t were mined and processed through a 100 tonnes a day pilot plant

  • Platinum mining operations are suspended

  • UCZ drilled an additional 25 boreholes and mined the existing Blore Shaft. 90 000 tonnes were mined and processed through a 200 tonnes a day pilot plant

  • Operations were suspended owing to the deteriorating security situation

  • A bulk sample was mined for metallurgical test work in South Africa. A further 37 holes were drilled for further reserve grade evaluation, following which a full feasibility study was conducted

  • The pilot plant was refurbished and later upgraded to a 700 tonnes per day plant. A study was undertaken to confirm design criteria for both mining and milling operations. Plant capacity was subsequently increased to 1 000 tonnes per day

  • Aquarius acquires a 50% stake in ZCE Platinum which owns the Mimosa platinum mining operation

  • Daily plant throughput increased to 4 050 tonnes

  • Wedza 4 expansion, which began in 2006, is completed

  • Successful commissioning of the Wedza 5 expansion in the April takes monthly metallurgical plant capacity to 175 000 tonnes

  • Wedza 5.5 plant expansion increases monthly milling capacity to 185 000 tonnes

  • The plant continues to operate at levels exceeding capacity

  • Proposed Mtshingwe expansion announced – a bankable feasibility study is completed. The estimated capital requirement is $182 million over five years

  • Sibanye acquired a 50% stake in Mimosa following the acquisition in full of Aquarius Platinum Limited on 12 April 2016