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Criminals are contacting suppliers and prospective suppliers via e-mail, SMS and social media, inviting them to apply for tenders at all Sibanye-Stillwater Operations.

It is important for members of the public to note the following:

  • All our tenders are managed on ARIBA, our electronic tender system.
  • The company website is
  • Criminals fraudulently use different website addresses that look as if they could be ours – such as and, but THESE ARE NOT SIBANYE-STILLWATER’s APPROVED WEBSITE ADDRESSES.
  • The phishing scam is initiated by e-mails, SMS’s and social media advertisements that contain fraudulent e-mail addresses and names that ask for the prospective supplier’s information.
  • Once contact has been established, the criminals will claim to facilitate a tender process with the prospective supplier, to either obtain the goods ordered, or to request payment for the tender process, resulting in a financial loss to the victim.
  • We will not contact a supplier or prospective supplier via SMS or social media in order to invite them to tender.
  • Suppliers are required to register on the ARIBA database on the Sibanye-Stillwater website, before being invited to tender. Invitations to tender are sent by email, with a link to the relevant tender on ARIBA.
  • Suppliers will be vetted before being registered as a vendor on the Sibanye-Stillwater Vendor Database.
  • Should you wish to be invited to tender, or wish to register as a vendor, you will have to contact the Vendor Management Department as per contact details listed on the website.
  • We do not use agents or charge any fees for the registration or tender process.

Members of the public who may have paid money towards securing a tender at Sibanye-Stillwater are requested to report this matter to the South African Police Service or call the Tip-offs Anonymous hotline on 0800 00 1987