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Sibanye-Stillwater’s purpose – “our mining improves lives” – encompasses all stakeholders directly impacted by our mining activities as well as other stakeholders who may benefit indirectly from our mining activities.

We engage meaningfully, as much as possible with our stakeholders, to ensure that we are in a better position to understand their perceptions of value and deliver accordingly for mutual benefit.

Our vision is to share the benefits derived from our mining operations with our communities not only to uphold our social licence to operate but also to spread our CARES values beyond the mine gate. Our aim is to tangibly and holistically improve the lives of those living in our host communities.

We share these benefits through partnership and collaboration, engaging transparently with communities, while integrating sustainable development into our decision-making processes.

SA operations

In South Africa, governed by our policies on sustainable development, and on community and indigenous peoples, we prioritise:

Stakeholder engagement
  • Community engagement forums inclusive of key stakeholders
  • Direct engagement with relevant government stakeholders
  • Direct engagement with relevant social partners
Social and labour plans
  • Implementation of social and labour plans
  • Reporting and compliance
Strategic programmes
  • Partnership with government and other private-sector players to unlock alternative economic activities
  • Corporate social investment and sponsorships
  • Local procurement and economic development

US operations

Our US operations are guided by the Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) which was signed more tha 15 years by the then Stillwater Mining Company, together with three local stakeholder organisations: the Northern Plains Resource Council, the Stillwater Protective Association and the Cottonwood Resource Council.

Unique within the mining industry, the GNA provides an innovative framework for the protection of the natural environment while encouraging responsible economic development. It legally binds us to certain commitments and holds us to a higher standard than that required by federal and state regulatory processes. Our commitments include transparent and productive interaction with all affected stakeholders, using the GNA as a vehicle for dispute resolution and positive stakeholder engagement.