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Material issues

Understanding our risks and ensuring we have appropriate measures in place to mitigate and manage these risks, which enable us to take decisive action to realise opportunities in pursuit of our strategy, is vital for us to continue delivering sustainable value.


RankingMaterial issue
1 Failure to optimally integrate regional acquisitions and ensure ongoing operational delivery on targets
2 Ability to access, service and repay debt due to external and internal factors which may impact on cash flow
3 Adverse regulatory changes and socio-political instability
4 Further deterioration in South African rating and potential adverse impact on valuations and cost of financing

Cost and impact of ensuring governance, regulatory, legal and accounting compliance across multiple regions and additional requirements of multi-commodity production

6 Maintaining and obtaining operating licences and other permits in uncertain political and regulatory environments

Safety, health and environmental incidents

8 Unrealistic expectations for business to uplift communities in South Africa
9 Under-delivery on operational targets owing to external factors
10 Maintaining positive relations with employees and creating alignment with business strategy and goals

For detailed information on each of our top 10 material issues, please refer to the Managing our material risks section of the Integrated Annual Report 2017.