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Our people

Our mining activities improve lives when we are able to create superior value for our 63,518 employees and contractors by safely delivering on and exceeding individual and team performance objectives in alignment with our key business drivers: safety, cost, volume and quality.

Significant growth and geographical diversification in the past three years has challenged our human resource (HR) function to constantly expand its knowledge base in order to realise these objectives.

While our overall HR strategy allows for regional autonomy, performance standards are regularly reviewed and revised at Group level. Our HR policies and development programmes are designed to meet the needs of all employees within diverse socio-economic environments.

At our US and SA operations, we strive to engage meaningfully with all employee and organised labour representatives in terms of our visible felt leadership principle and our social compact.


  • Being an employer of choice among graduates in core disciplines: Providing a conducive, safe, inclusive working environment, in which employees are valued, with opportunities for a rewarding career as well as learning and skills development.
  • Building mutually beneficial, constructive relationships, based on trust and respect: Ensuring we act in line with our CARES values, deliver on our promises, and engage transparently and honestly with employees and all other stakeholders. Furthermore, establishing Sibanye-Stillwater as a values-based, modern mining company has been identified as key in addressing our safety performance.
  • Developing leadership capacity: Enhancing senior management skills required for meaningful engagement so that leaders are able to motivate employees to reach their full potential.
  • Contributing to socio-economic development: Sharing value created by paying salaries and wages spent within communities, by contributing to and investing in local economic development initiatives in communities in which our employees live, and by encouraging employee volunteerism. This ties in with Sibanye-Stillwater’s duty as a responsible corporate citizen and helps address poverty, inequality and unemployment around the SA operations


In addition to beginning the process of integrating Lonmin employees into Sibanye-Stillwater, following completion of the proposed acquisition.

SA operations
  • Finalising and rolling out our employee value proposition
  • Increasing gender diversity and equity
  • Creating a compelling employment relationship
  • Integrating the strategic talent and workforce management plan
  • Establishing strategic and effective partnerships (collaboration) with employees to find new ways of working
  • Continuing digitalisation of HR information systems
  • Optimising and repositioning loss-making gold operations, which may require formal restructuring that could result in termination of employment
  • An effective, efficient and agile HR strategy and operating model
  • Establishing a high-performance culture
US PGM operations
  • Diligent attention to manpower and staffing to support the Blitz project and other development projects
  • Enhancing on-boarding programmes to include new technology that will alleviate the administrative burden of paper-based forms
  • Expanding and formalising training programmes and curricula for job-specific, leadership and supervisor training as well as succession planning
  • Improving efforts to be transparent in what we do and how we do it with specific regard to our unionised employee base
  • Concentrating efforts on refining performance management and role clarity initiatives to ensure impact and enhancement of business objectives, retention and succession planning
  • Further aligning incentives and the pay-for-performance culture by improving efforts to compensate employees in terms of performance, key performance indicators and the value they bring to the organisation
  • Continuing to monitor cost-containment initiatives to mitigate a rising healthcare trend while providing quality, co-ordinated care to employees and their families
  • Monitoring employee engagement and feedback via a regional workforce survey in 2019