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Safe production

Our resolve to align all stakeholders on our journey towards achieving zero harm throughout the Group, in SA and in the US, remains firm. We focus on creating an enabling environment, using fit-for-purpose systems, in which empowered people can work safely throughout the organisation.

We continue to implement a holistic, values-driven approach to safety and health management as we strive for zero harm and ultimately to create shared value. This embedding of our values, underpinning our corporate culture, driving decision-making throughout the organisation, is led by the CEO and senior leadership. This is essential to building trust and enabling safe production.

Our cultural transformation process is aimed at inculcating values-based decision-making throughput the organisation, and will be governed by external and internal performance monitoring measures including:

  • Legislation
  • Statutory bodies
  • Formal joint management-worker health and safety committees
  • Internal and external audits of safety and statistics reported


Our all-inclusive process to make workplaces safer determines the strategic thrusts and specific actions necessary to reduce employees’ exposure to risk.

For us, in an enabled environment, risk exposure is reduced by consistent, constant attention to maintaining a safe workplace with the required equipment, tools and material that empower every person to deliver sustainable, safe production.

Empowered people, in our context, refers to the required number of trained people who apply the relevant standards and procedures, and execute the work safely. To enable this, we make fit-for-purpose systems available to our people. We subscribe to relevant international best practice principles and integrated systems with a view to ISO 45001 certification in the longer term.

Empowered people are also healthy and well. To this end, we also have systems and procedures that address occupational health, in particular, and well-being.

As part of our journey to zero harm, a Virtual Centre of Excellence in Innovative Mining Safe Production has also been created so that 19 tertiary institutions worldwide can share their specialist competencies, including but not limited to mining-related safety and health, human factors, risk management, training modernisation, mining-related seismicity and sustainability concepts.

Furthermore, the Global Safe Production Advisory Panel, composed of a group of leading academics, was formed in 2018 with a mandate to provide international insight, best practice and expertise towards continuous advancement of safe mining.


Our Zero Harm Strategic Framework has been developed in collaboration with organised labour and the Department of Mineral Resources in South Africa through a series of multi-stakeholder safety summits convened during 2018.

The foundation of our model is the continued emphasis on our CARES values as the basis for decision making. Engaged leadership at all levels of the organisation drives a valuesdriven culture by living these values and making values-based decisions.


Further information

Refer to the Ensuring safe production section of the 2018 Annual Integrated Report.