R45.16 0.11%


    US$10.83 +7.50%

  • GOLD:US$/oz

    US$1,750 0.54%

  • GOLD:ZAR/kg

    R957,047 +0.12%


    US$1,013 +3.51%



  • RHODIUM:US$/oz


  • ZAR:US$

    R17.01 -0.42%

  • Last updated

    7:14pm on Nov 29, 2022

Rhodium is the most effective metal to catalyse the conversion of harmful NOx (mixed oxides of nitrogen) from vehicle exhaust into harmless gases safe for release into the atmosphere. Its use in three-way catalysts (TWCs) for gasoline vehicles continues to increase with ongoing tightening of emissions legislation, particularly in China and Europe recently.

Rhodium’s industrial end-uses include catalysts for chemical processes, tooling in the glass industry, electrical components, and some plating in the jewellery industry.

Rhodium is used to catalyse a variety of chemical processes, including globally important chemicals such as nitric acid and acetic acid, which are precursors to a range of end-products, including fertilisers and adhesives.

In the glass sector, platinum-rhodium alloys are utilised in manufacturing equipment, including bushings used in glass fibre fabrication, where the high temperature stability and purity are key. The proportion of rhodium used in these alloys has reduced recently as the price has risen.

Rhodium Demand 2019
Rhodium Demand 2019 [pie chart]
Source: SFA (Oxford)
Fibre optics

Minor amounts of rhodium are also used in component parts for a number of electrical appliances.

Fibre optics

Information above provided by SFA (Oxford)

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