R73.75 +0.14%


    US$19.21 -0.03%

  • GOLD:US$/oz

    US$1,695 -1.19%

  • GOLD:ZAR/kg

    R836,506 +1.77%


    US$1,121 -4.99%



  • RHODIUM:US$/oz


  • ZAR:US$

    R15.35 +2.89%

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    12:44pm on Mar 05, 2021

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2019 spend on
training & development

R744 million
at SA operations

at US operations

89% [pie chart]

of SA employees are
recruited locally

of employees are female


84,521 employees and contractors

Our people are our most important asset. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive work environment, in which employees are valued, with opportunities for a rewarding career as well as learning and skills development. We aim to recruit and retain a highly qualified, skilled and diverse workforce, with a culture that puts safety first and enables people to realise their full potential.

Our operations employ over 80,000 people in a wide variety of trades and professions, from miners to mechanics, accountants, geologists, IT specialists and more. We pay competitive salaries that, in addition to a basic wage, include significant variable incentives and other benefits. Recruiting from local communities is a priority, as the employment benefits and competitive salaries we offer enable employees to provide for their families, and by extension, the broader community.

  • Talent management

    We take an integrated and holistic approach to talent management and our aim is for 80% internal recruitment. Our human resources model (People@Sibanye-Stillwater) is designed to help us achieve our business strategy and promote a CARES values-based organisation. Employees are provided with technical, safety and skills training and development programs that enhance safe working practices, nurture talent and provide opportunities for professional development.

    Our people strategy includes leadership development and training programs, as well as executive development programs designed to develop a pool of effective and aligned leaders, encompassing coaching, leading for impact, strategy, transformation and stakeholder engagement.

    In 2019, we launched the middle management programme in South Africa, aimed at strengthen leadership capability. A total of 117 delegates graduating successfully in November.

  • Diversity

    We aim to build a workforce that reflects the demographics of our host regions and that supports and proactively attracts women at all levels in the organisation. In South Africa we have implemented a number of initiatives to identify, attract, develop and retain historically disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs). In Southern Africa, 45% of our board and 73% of our core and critical skills workforce is comprised of HDSAs, while women represent 13% of the workforce with 9% of core mining roles held by women. We fully subscribe to the intent and spirit of transformation and continue to advance all elements of transformation across our Southern African operations, including employment equity, gender equality, enterprise development, preferential procurement and community engagement and development.

  • Wages and benefits

    Wages and benefits vary by geography and are aligned with the culture and needs of individuals in each region. For example, in South Africa, affordable housing for employees and education are priorities. In addition to providing single room accommodations for approximately 10,201 employees, we have also provided approximately 11,504 family units at our SA gold and PGM operations. In 2015 we launched a home ownership program with a structured bond repayment model under which more than 1,409 houses have been transferred to employees at discounts to market pricing based on years of service. Employees in South Africa who choose not to live in single accommodation receive a living out allowance.

  • Labour relations

    We strive to maintain positive relationships with both unionised and non-unionised employees. We respect workers’ rights, including freedom of association, the right to peaceful protest and assembly and engagement in collective bargaining. Formal employee engagement structures are in place at all our operations – from shaft and operational levels to those at the management level.


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