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2021 Performance

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Training & development

employees attended training and development

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Wages and salaries paid

R26.2 billion
/ US$1.8 billion

79.7% [pie chart]

of our SA workforce are South African citizens

of all employees are female


84,775 employees and contractors

Our people are our most important resource. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive work environment in which employees are valued and have opportunities for a rewarding career as well as learning and skills development. We aim to recruit and retain a highly qualified, skilled and diverse workforce, with a culture that puts safety first and enables people to realise their full potential.

Sibanye-Stillwater is a labour-intensive business, employing and contracting almost 85,000 people at its SA and US operations in a wide variety of trades and professions from miners to mechanics, accountants, geologists, IT specialists and more. Employees, therefore, are integral to the achievement of our operational targets and, ultimately, to the successful delivery of our strategy to create superior value for all stakeholders.

We pay competitive salaries that, in addition to a basic wage, include significant variable incentives and other benefits, which enable our employees to provide for their families and indirectly, the broader community. Sibanye-Stillwater provides employment and rewarding career growth opportunities as well as opportunities for personal development.

Recruiting from local communities is a priority with the salaries and wages paid enabling employees to provide for their families, and by extension, to contribute economically to the broader community.

Our human resources model is designed to help us achieve our business strategy and promote a CARES values-based organisation. Our people strategy includes leadership development and training programmes, as well as executive development designed to develop a pool of effective and aligned leaders, encompassing coaching, leading for impact, strategy, transformation and stakeholder engagement.

We aim to equip our employees with the skills and resources necessary to enable them to perform at their peak. Culture and values have been identified as material focus areas and we strive to instil a values-based culture where the foundation of decision-making and behaviour is our CARES values: namely, commitment, accountability, respect, enabling and safety.

  • Talent management

    We take an integrated and holistic approach to talent management and our aim is to fill 80% of vacant positions through internal recruitment. Employees are provided with technical, safety and skills training and development programmes that enhance safe working practices, nurture talent and provide opportunities for professional development.

    The career growth model and career paths embed the philosophy that career development is a series of interventions aimed at developing a career through skills training, lateral critical experiences, moving to higher job responsibilities and cross-functional positions within the same organisation.

    To help meet our target, we are committed to supporting employee career paths and to identifying and nurturing talent. Employees are encouraged to set career development goals, or individual development plans (IDPs).

    In South Africa, talent management helps us address the shortage of mining skills with our career development, progression and promotion targets being included in our SLP commitments.

  • Diversity

    Diversity, in all its forms, is considered a great source of strength and is materially important for Sibanye-Stillwater. It is vital in driving the achievement of superior value creation for all stakeholders and is a key aspect of the organisational growth strategy to promote greater diversity and inclusivity across the Group.

    We aim to build a workforce that reflects the demographics of our host regions and that supports and proactively attracts women at all levels in the organisation. We fully subscribe to the intent and spirit of transformation and continue to advance all elements of transformation across our Southern African operations, including employment equity, gender equality, enterprise development, preferential procurement and community engagement and development.

    In South Africa, we have implemented several initiatives to identify, attract, develop and retain historically disadvantaged persons (HDPs) with 74% of our core and critical skills workforce being HDPs. Women represent 14% of the workforce, 11% of woman are in core and critical mining roles while 18.73% of entry level employees are held by woman. In terms of specific functions, 25.32% of the information technology (IT) function and 20.06% of the engineering function are woman. At our US operations, 10% of employees are women.

    At Board level (for our 2021 financial year), 31% of members are women, while we have 13.5% female representation at executive level.

    Our diversity targets are that by 2025, 30% of employees should be women and by 2023, 1.5% of our workforce should be people with disabilities.


  • Wages and benefits

    We pay competitive wages and salaries, and our employees have access to financial and non-financial benefits. Wages and benefits vary by geography and are aligned with local circumstances and the needs of individuals in each region. In South Africa, for example, affordable housing for employees is a priority. In addition to providing single room accommodation for approximately 8,479 employees in 2021, we also provided 10,191 family units. Employees who choose not to live in single accommodation receive a living out allowance.

    In 2015, we launched a home ownership programme with a structured bond repayment model under which 1,405 houses have been transferred to employees to date, at discounts to market pricing based on years of service.

    Key salary and wage metrics SA US
    Employee wages and benefits paid R18,019 million US$241.5 million
    Average monthly employee salary (entry level) R21,070 US$107,077 (gross)
    Annual training spend R969.91 million US$5.7 million
  • Labour relations

    We strive to maintain positive relationships with both unionised and non-unionised employees. We respect workers’ rights, including freedom of association, the right to peaceful protest and assembly and engagement in collective bargaining. Formal employee engagement structures are in place at all our operations – from shaft and operational levels to those at the management level.

  • Caring for injured employees and their dependants

    Sibanye-Stillwater, through the Matshediso programme, Lonmin Memorial Fund and the Sixteen-Eight Memorial Trust, provides financial assistance to the families and dependants of employees who are severely disabled or fatally injured in mine accidents.


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