R54.68 -4.59%


    US$14.19 -0.03%

  • GOLD:US$/oz

    US$1,792 -2.41%

  • GOLD:ZAR/kg

    R898,205 -0.39%


    US$1,012 -3.83%



  • RHODIUM:US$/oz


  • ZAR:US$

    R15.59 +1.97%

  • Last updated

    7:14pm on Jan 28, 2022

Highlights as at December 31, 2020

  • A 40% increase in 4E Platinum group metals (PGM) Mineral Reserves at the SA PGM operations to 39.5M 4Eoz, primarily due to the inclusion of the Marikana K4 project (12.7 M 4Eoz) and the Klipfontein opencast project (0.1M 4Eoz) following detailed feasibility studies.
  • A 7% (5.8Moz) increase in 2E PGM Mineral Resources, with additional Mineral Reserves of 0.8M 2E PGM ounces defined at East Boulder Mine replacing combined depletion of 0.7M 2Eoz during 2020.  Combined stable Mineral Reserves of 26.9M 2Eoz at the US PGM operations.
  • Stable Mineral Reserves of 11.3Moz at the SA gold operations, with depletion of 1.0 Moz for 2020 off-set by
    • an 0.8Moz increase in attributable Mineral Reserves from DRDGOLD due to the increase in Sibanye-Stillwater’s shareholding in DRDGOLD from 38.05 to 50.1%,
    • an additional 0.2Moz Mineral Reserves derived from secondary reef exploration programmes at the Driefontein operation.
  • Mineral Resources at the SA gold operations decreased by 15.9Moz, primarily due to the exclusion of Below Infrastructure Mineral Resources at Driefontein
  • The declared Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves for our managed operations and projects are the outcome of a detailed annual operational and life of mine (LoM) planning process and are indicative of the considerable underlying mineral assets base which supports sustainable and robust long-life production.
Mineral Reserve 2020
Mineral Resources 2020
SA PGM operations – Mineral Reserve reconciliation
Factors 4E PGM (Moz)
31 December 2019 28,2
Depletion -2,0
Area Inclusions/Exclusions1 12,8
– K4 Project 12,7
– Klipfontein Opencast 0,1
Geological Interpretation2 -0,1
Modifying factors3 -0,1
Economic Parameters4 0,8
31 December 2020 39,5
  1. Addition of Mineral Reserves from projects and operations economically viable on improved price deck
  2. Increases in geological loss with latest interpretation
  3. Updates in geological interpretations and modifying factors
  4. Inclusion of mineral reserves at the end of LoM due to tail cut gains
US PGM operations – Mineral Reserve reconciliation
Factors 2E PGM (Moz)
31 December 2019 26.9
Depletion -0.7
Area Inclusions/Exclusions 0.1
Geological Interpretation 0.4
Modifying factors -0.6
Economic Parameters 0.8
31 December 2020 26.9
SA gold operations – Mineral Reserve reconciliation
Factors Gold (Moz)
31 December 2019 11.3
Depletion -1.0
Area Inclusions/Exclusions1 0.2
Attributable Adjustment2 0.8
Geological Interpretation3 -0.2
Economic Parameters4 0.1
Modifying factors5 -0.1
31 December 2020 11.3
  1. Beatrix 3 Shaft inclusions including Vlakpan and “White Areas”, Driefontein 1 and 5 Shaft VCR inclusions, Driefontein 4 Shaft Pillar re-design, Kloof Main Shaft VCR and secondary reef inclusions, Kloof 4 Shaft exclusions
  2. DRDGOLD changes in shareholding percentage
  3. Beatrix estimation model changes, Driefontein CL and VCR estimation model changes, structural changes Kloof 4 Decline
  4. Beatrix 1 Shaft incremental mining extended, Surface pay additions
  5. Improvement in the MCF at Driefontein, decrease in MCF at Kloof and Beatrix
SA gold projects – Mineral Reserves Reconciliation
Factors Gold (Moz)
31 December 2019 4.0
Area Inclusions/Exclusions1 0.3
Geological Interpretation2 -0.1
Modifying factors3 0.005
31 December 2020 4.3
  1. Burnstone design optimisation
  2. Burnstone estimation model update
  3. Burnstone MCF changes


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