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Protecting our past into the future

At Sibanye-Stillwater, Sustainability through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence is at the core of our business strategy. This approach also involves appropriate and effective management of a diversity of heritage sites located within or close to our operations. Recognition and management of heritage sites pays tribute to the history of the areas we operate within, and thereby acknowledges, honours and respects the legacies of all our stakeholders.

Many of our operations are in areas that have a deep mining and cultural history with a rich, varied heritage formed over centuries. The communities residing nearby, have spiritual, cultural and customary connections, and as a Group, we honour and respect this. As per our Heritage Resource Management Position statement, we further recognise, amongst others, that heritage resources are often unique and rare, fragile due to neglect, exploitation or even destruction, and that we have a legal and moral obligation to preserve, protect, manage and care for heritage resources within our mining footprints.

Sibanye-Stillwater’s commitment to sound and sustainable heritage resources management, is described in its Heritage Resource Management Position Statement.

Sibanye-Stillwater defines a heritage resource as:

Any place or object of cultural significance in terms of archaeological, palaeontological aesthetic, architectural, historical, scientific, artistic, social, spiritual, linguistic or technological value for past, present and future generations. These heritage resources can be tangible (gravesites, buildings and artefacts) or intangible (language, traditions, indigenous knowledge systems and rituals), and they can be immovable (places and structures) or movable (books and historical documents). Heritage sites comprise single or multiple heritage resources and are deserving of preservation or investigation.

Share your story

We invite you to share your heritage-related questions and stories with us. Feel free to contact:


Our Heritage sites

Sibanye-Stillwater’s operations have rich and diverse heritages with some 851 heritage sites identified to date across our SA operations (783 sites) and US operations (68 sites), respectively.

The sites include stone age sites, iron age sites, graves, structures and homesteads more than 60 years old (remains of the recent past), historical relics, and natural heritage sites.

For details on these sites per operational region, see

Explore our heritage sites

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