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Join Sibanye-Stillwater in celebrating World Biodiversity Day because we are all part of the solution

With the rapid decline in biodiversity and the associated ecological services that support the long term sustainability of all life on earth, there is an essential need for us all to stand in support of nature. As a result of long term destruction and the ever-increasing pressure placed on biodiversity and the associated natural resources, it is only through a collaborative effort that we can achieve a no-net loss in the remaining biodiversity. This year, Sibanye-Stillwater has partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and the International Council on Mining and Metals to find sustainable solutions.

Without your support we cannot halt the loss of biodiversity!

Please join our International Biodiversity Day Celebration on May 21, 2021 at 09:00 (GMT+02:00) when Sibanye-Stillwater’s Biodiversity Specialist, Simone Liefferink, will be sharing our biodiversity journey and trajectory at www.climatediplomacyweek.org/events/2021/05/21/international-day-for-biodiversity-we-are-part-of-the-solution-south-africa-and-team-europe.

Share your biodiversity journey with us by using #fornature and #biodiversityday on social media

Our biological diversity vision and strategy

Sibanye-Stillwater recognises the critical role of biological diversity and its complex interactions that support life and economic activity, without which a sustainable future is not viable.

Our biodiversity vision is based on achieving a “no net loss” for new/greenfields operations and a “net gain” in biodiversity for existing operations through the effective implementation and integration of the mitigation hierarchy into all levels of decision making and project planning to ensure a sustainable post-mining environment that supports socio-economic development.

Our Journey:
  • Legacy issues in managing biodiversity
  • Legislation guided biodiversity management – gaps and implementation challenges
  • Moving to align with international best practices
Our Trajectory:
  • Aligning with the Biological Diversity Protocol by working with the Endangered Wildlife Trust
  • International partnerships with the ICMM
  • Local partnerships to ensure long term sustainable solutions
Existing challenges we aim to solve:
  • Science-based practical biodiversity management approaches
  • Quantifiable measurement and disclosure
  • Spatially integrated management through collaboration
  • Continuous improvement


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